TOHO Games Releases Godzilla Destruction For Mobile This Week

TOHO Games has released their third Godzilla-themed mobile title this week as Godzilla Destruction is now available on iOS and Android. The game, as you might suspect, lets you become Godzilla to head off and rampage through a city creating a ton of destruction in your wake all for the purposes of reminding people who is the King. We'd love to say there's more to this game than that, but there really isn't. It's about as basic as you can get. Sure, there are some upgrades and challenges, but the goal of everything you do is simply walk in, destroy, walk out, upgrade your kaiju, repeat. The first two Godzilla games they released were pretty cool, but this is the weakest of the three and you can see it's basically like other monster games with a Godzilla skin. You might like it, you might not, but it's out there.

It's time we remind these people just who the hell I am. Courtesy of TOHO Games.
It's time we remind these people just who the hell I am. Courtesy of TOHO Games.

Godzilla Destruction is an exciting and easy to play mobile game where players become the King of the Monsters himself and embark on a global rampage. Players control Godzilla and a host of other monsters with the tap of a finger to crush historical buildings in cities across the globe. The destruction begins today with the game's worldwide release.

Skills: Destroy enemies to earn EXP and increase your level! Learn new skills as you level up!
Upgrade Your Kaiju: Use items earned from clearing stages and spinning gacha to make your Kaiju even more powerful!
Gacha: Spin the gacha to win Kaiju and upgrade items!
World: Make cities across the globe tremble in the wake of Godzilla's enormous power!
Shop: Exchange gems obtained by clearing areas for upgrade items and powerful Kaiju!
Kaiju Field Guide: Build your own original Kaiju collection!

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