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TOHO Games Releases Godzilla Destruction For Mobile This Week
TOHO Games has released their third Godzilla-themed mobile title this week as Godzilla Destruction is now available on iOS and Android The game, as you might suspect, lets you become Godzilla to head off and rampage through a city creating a ton of destruction in your wake all for the purposes of reminding people who[...]
Toho Games Reveals More Content For Godzilla Battle Line
Toho Games revealed more content this week for their next Godzilla-themed mobile title on the way called Godzilla Battle Line As you can see, this game has a whose who of monsters from the franchise, including Mothra, Rodan, Gigan, Hedorah, Spacegodzilla, and King Ghidorah The game will have you make a team of monsters to[...]
TOHO Games Will be Launching Three Godzilla Mobile Games
TOHO Games announced today that they will be releasing three new Godzilla-themed mobile titles across 2021 for people to enjoy With a bunch of Godzilla material on the way this year, it's only fitting that they try to cash in a little on the crazy through mobile games The games in question are called Run[...]