Trove Receives The New Massive Sunrise Update

Gamigo has released a brand new update for its voxel-based MMO Trove today as players are getting a little bit more Sunshine. ​According to the team, this new update is one of the biggest ever released for the game as players will be getting a new class to play, a new and unique biome to explore, and several new features added to the experience completely free. The update comes at a point where it appears the team is preparing for the eventual release of the game on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Recent updates to the game have shown them beefing up the content a bit and making sure that they fix and improve a number of items in the game. There's no release date for it yet, but the updates are pretty clear they're preparing for a massive change. You can read more about this latest update below along with a new trailer.

Trove Receives The New Sunrise Update
Credit: Gamigo

It introduces the Sundered Uplands, a new biome to Trove, that features unique upper and lower levels – the Cloud Layer and the Ashen Wastes, which can have an effect on each other. Many new adventures await Trovians in this challenging new biome, from new Ultimate Bosses in special 5-star dungeons in the Ashen Wastes, to mining the rich resources in the Cloud Layer. But don't try to fly too high since the Sundered Uplands were declared a "No Fly Zone".

The "Sunrise" update also shines a spotlight on the new Solarion class. This servant of the Sun Goddess takes down enemies with a combination of his bow for ranged attacks, and a pet phoenix that launches itself at them with fast and fierce melee attacks. Additional abilities for the Solarion include Solar Flare – a charged explosive shot that damages enemies over time – and Guiding Light – summoned pillars that damage enemies and heals friendly targets within their area.

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