Twitch Added The Konami Code To Their Creator Dashboard

Twitch both got fans to giggle and also get upset after they hid one of the most valuable menus behind the old Konami code. For some reason, the new Creator Dashboard is missing a couple options to turn stuff on and off if you don't like the look. At least, we thought they were missing. Turns out you need to use the Konami code to access it. Which frustrated a ton of people because… how are they supposed to know that? But also got a few to nod in approval. Here's a detailed Reddit post about why it was done.

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Credit: Twitch

We added an easter egg to the Creator Dashboard / Stream Manager to allow you to add / remove elements on the page (including Edit Stream Information).

Just go and push UP + UP + DOWN + DOWN + LEFT + RIGHT + LEFT + RIGHT + B + A to bring up this hidden menu.

Some of you might be asking… WTF? Why is this not just regular functionality? Why are you hiding it? You're dumb!

(hint: the last one isn't a question, but it might be true)

I'm posting this to share that we're continuing to invest in improvements. But simply put, the nice add/remove (which wouldn't require reloading) is not ready for prime time yet. We've been working hard with other teams to incorporate a seamless solution, but we aren't at a point where we think you'll be happy with it. At the same time, we know this is functionality many of you really rely on in the old dashboard, so we wanted to give those power users a way to add/remove.

"Ok idiot, why are you getting rid of the old dashboard then?"

I'm not going to get into all of the reasons behind it. But we want to continue to improve the new dashboard, and supporting the old and new dashboard (and asking the rest of Twitch to support both) actually limits how quickly we can release new features. This might not feel like a satisfying answer, but it's the truth. I work with a team of really hardworking and dedicated engineers who come in every day to help improve Twitch for streamers and it's not a job they (or I) take lightly.

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