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Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TCG Launches Battles Of Legend: Monstrous Revenge
Konami has released a brand new booster set for the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Trading Card Game as they have launched Battles Of Legend: Monstrous Revenge This is one of the many releases to celebrate the card game's 25th Anniversary by featuring Quarter Century Secret Rares, as you can now get the set in both Europe and the Oceania[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Drops Details For Three New Releases In 2023
Konami has released new details to three different releases happening for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, all of them happening this year The three releases in question are the new Age of Overlord booster set, the all-new 2-Player Starter Set, and the 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection All three sets expand the game in a few different ways,[...]
Return to Silent Hill with Numskull as Red Pyramid Thing Comes to Life
It is an excellent time to be a fan of Konami's popular and beloved hit horror franchise Silent Hill Not only are fans getting a new game, but a remastered version of the legendary Silent Hill 2 is on the way Numskull has awoken the horror of that popular sequel as Red Pyramid Thing is[...]
Silent Hill: Ascension Announces As Interactive Streaming Title
Konami has partnered with Genvid Interactive to release a new Silent Hill experience, as Silent Hill: Ascension will provide a new streaming interactive tale This brand-new game will follow multiple main characters throughout this world that have found themselves tormented by new and terrifying monsters that lurk around every corner and within every shadow These[...]
Konami Announces Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1
Some cool news for Metal Gear Solid fans as Konami revealed today that they will release the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol 1 As you might expect with a name like that, this collection will explore the first three games in the series, all completely remastered for HD and given a complete upgrade The[...]
Dead Cells To Release New PlayStation & Switch Physical Editions
The standard will run you $45 while the Signature will cost you $70, both of which are available for pre-order right now. Credit: Merge Games "The shiny new Dead Cells physical editions come complete with the recent and unprecedented crossover collaboration with Konami, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania and include two versions to choose from – a Standard and Signature[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG -- Duelist Nexus
Konami has revealed their next booster set coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game as players have new info on Deulist Nexus This will be your Summer core booster set that will add the first new monster Type to the game since Cyberse monsters were introduced back in 2017 You'll have the option to play[...]
Konami Signs As Exclusive eFootball Partner of Tigres UANL
Konami has announced another partnership this week tied to the eFootball series as they have revealed a new deal with Tigres UANL As it has been revealed with previous deals, this one will bring the colors, stadium, players, and more into the franchise as fans will be able to play as their favorite football club[...]
Konami Announces New eFootball Partnership With Pumas
Konami announced a brand new partnership this week tied to the eFootball franchise as they have formed a new deal with Pumas Like previous deals before them, this brand new collaboration with Club Universidad Nacional, A.C will bring the Auriazules to the series with an exclusive video game partnership, giving fans a chance to play[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals Legendary Duelists: Soulburning Volcano
Konami revealed a new booster set coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, as the company will release Legendary Duelists: Soulburning Volcano This particular set features Salamangreat with new cards inspired by Soulburner from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS!, adding new options that will change up the meta a little The set contains 56 cards, which breaks down into[...]
The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2023 Will Happen This August
Konami announced this week that they will be holding the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2023 in-person again, when it returns in early August This massive tournament is set to take place from August 5th-6th at the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) in Tokyo, Japan Players will be able to experience what will be a[...]
Super Bomberman R 2 Launch Date and Pre-Orders
Konami dropped new details this week on the release of Super Bomberman R 2, as we now have a proper release date and pre-orders available We now know the company will be bringing this entirely new entry of the iconic series back to PC and consoles, as the game will be released on September 12th[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Receives Free Cards For The 25th Anniversary
Konami revealed more of their plans for the 25th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! as they are releasing free cards for players in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Basically, this is a chance for you to snag some classic cards and ass them to your collection, completely free! Al you have to do is log into the game and[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Reveals New & Upcoming March/April Releases
Konami revealed more details and release dates for two new items coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game over the next two months First off, on March 10th, you'll be getting a new booster set called Maze of Memories with 67 cards in total Which breaks down to 42 Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 10 Ultra[...]
G Fuel Reveals New Contra “Rapid Fire” Flavor On The Way
G Fuel has partnered up with Konami to release a new drink, as you'll soon be able to get your hands on the Contra-branded "Rapid Fire" flavor The company is celebrating the classic Konami video game with a special release that will give you a new mandarin orange flavor to add to your drinking options[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG 2023 National Championships Kicks Off In May
Konami has revealed new details for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game 2023 National Championships, as they make their way to the World Championships The company is bringing back in-person events on a massive level as they look to crown a new champion this year This week they revealed plans for the Latin America tournaments coming[...]
New eFootball 2023 Update Brings 97 Available Clubs To The Roster
Konami has unleashed a brand new update for eFootball 2023, as Season 3 is now live with 97 different teams for you to choose from The game now offers up a massive selection of teams that include four major European Leagues from England, Spain, Italy, and France, giving those hardcore fans who have wanted to[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Reveals Gold Pride Accessories
Konami has added some new items for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game this summer with the reveal of the Gold Pride Accessories All of these have been given a multicolored look, along with some pink tones and designs on the sleeves, with the entire set to be released on July 28th, 2023 You can read[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Announces Wild Survivors
Konami has revealed details for a new release coming to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game this summer with the Wild Survivors booster set This is a brand new 60-card set that will come with some powerful cards designed to make your decks more formidable, but it doesn't really change the meta that much In short,[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Celebrates The Game's First Anniversary
Konami has revealed that they will be celebrating the first anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel with a few new celebrations As part of the anniversary campaign, you can log in right now and collect up to three UR tickets, with each one unlocking a 1st Anniversary Pack Each one of the packs comes with a[...]
Konami Announces Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Returns For 2023
After a rocky couple of years with the pandemic, Konami revealed today that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game World Championship is back for 2023 Not a lot of details were released about the event, only that we know it will take place in Japan sometime in August 2023, and this will have more than just[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Reveals Photon Hypernova Details
Konami revealed new details on a new release coming in February for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game as we look more into the Photon Hypernova booster pack This pack was designed to simply add new cards to the mix that, for lack of a better explanation, will mess with the current meta and bring more[...]
eFootball Partners With Club Deportivo Guadalajara & Atletico Mineiro
Konami announced they have formed two new partnerships with football clubs for eFootball, as Club Deportivo Guadalajara and Atletico Mineiro are joining the game Much like previous partnerships, the deal will bring in the players, uniforms, stadium, and other items tied to the teams into the game Giving those around the globe who support both[...]
Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania DLC Launches Today
Working with Konami to bring the crossover to light, you can now explore Dracula's castle like never before, cracking out weapons from the iconic series as you take on the vampire and his army of demons If you're familiar with the older games in the franchise between the NES and original PlayStation, then this should[...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Reveals Cyberstorm Access Booster Set
Konami has revealed details for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game booster set they are calling Cyberstorm Access Taking more of a digital theme for this one, the content for this pack will have you entering the Data Storm in order to gain access to a new set of powerful monsters, spells, and traps in[...]
The 250th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Booked For April 2023
Konami has announced plans for the 250th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, taking place in Los Angeles this coming April Technically they'll be holding the event in three different locations, as North America will get California, while Europe will have one in London, England, and Latin America will have one in Bogotá, Colombia Beyond the information they[...]
Konami Reveals Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG 25th Anniversary Sets
Konami revealed some of the content they have on the way for the 25th Anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Six new items were revealed today as they are releasing a special 25th Anniversary Legendary Collection containing a lot of throwback cards that will become tournament legal again once this set drops So those[...]
Konami Unveils Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection
Konami has released an all-new update for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection, giving you more TMNT awesomeness This is basically fulfilling a highly-requested list of features and additions people wanted in the game, including online multiplayer for certain titles, and a bunch of stuff that was missing from the game that hardcore fans[...]
Giveaway: Win A Free Yu-Gi-Oh! Rescue Rabbit Plushie
Konami originally had a small batch of these made for New York Comic-Con this year and they vanished so quickly, you'd swear they never existed Until you go on eBay and see they're being sold for $300 a pop So this is your chance to get one for free without having to bid for it[...]