Twitch Co-Founder Kevin Lin Is Departing The Company

Some surprising news from Twitch this past week as co-founder Kevin Lin announced his departure from the company. Lin took to Twitter to make the announcement with a link to his blog, spending the vast majority of it thanking various people and the community as a whole. We have a couple of snippets of his message below, but the big thing that seems to be missing from all this is a reason why. We don't believe there's anything sinister behind it at the moment. But the fact that it's happening at a particular point in time with the company where streamers seem to be constantly unhappy with a number of issues, most recently being the DMCA problems, the timing seems suspect. We'll see what happens in the weeks to come and if there's any change in the company, but after reading his farewell letter, there's no way this man is sitting at home playing video games with family for long.

Kevin Lin helped co-found the company into the social streaming platform it is today. Courtesy of Twitch.
Kevin Lin helped co-found the company into the social streaming platform it is today. Courtesy of Twitch.

I've spent nearly a third of my life bleeding purple — even before we were purple — and I am so proud of everything we've achieved in these twelve and a half years. After many months of contemplation, I've decided it's time to journey into my next adventure. My life has been forever changed for the better by Twitch; it has been a source of hope, optimism, reflection, support, energy, sharing, friendship, and belonging. I will always be part of the Twitch community, and Twitch will always be part of me. […]

As for what's next: I am looking forward to spending time with family and loved ones, some sleep and relaxation, some fitness, and of course, a lot of video games. I'm so excited to stretch my curiosity and to continue exploring a world where technology is a positive amplifier in our lives. I will build again. I hope to create something as remarkable as Twitch again, to build with amazing people who will challenge me, and to make the world we experience better.

Twitch is the living magic in my life. Twitch reminds me to care for my community near and far, and I hope that it does the same for you. No matter what's going on in your life, Twitch will remind you that you can change the world as long as you have a community that you believe in and that believes in you. Together, we are powerful. Twitch is our Link, our Crono, our Master Chief, our Tassadar. Together, we can stand up just as we can tear down. Let's put our effort into making things a little better every day. Let's build a higher baseline of decency, respect, and a more welcoming community. We've done this before; we can do it again.

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