Ubisoft is Banning People Who Use Slurs in Rainbow Six Siege

You'd think in 2018 we wouldn't have to say this about gaming, but being racist isn't cool. That's the lesson Ubisoft is now teaching Rainbow Six Siege players. The company has started a new policy to eliminate, or at least bring down the toxicity in their community, by issuing instant bans on players who use racial or homophobic slurs, or toxic language of any kind as per their Code of Conduct. Twitter is basically filled with people who have been caught with the official Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft accounts showing zero sympathy.

The new policy, which was addressed back in April, is part of their new effort to remove the toxic behavior from their community. The first offense will earn you a 27-minute ban from basically anything involving online gameplay, the second will earn you a two-hour ban, the third will prompt an investigation that comes with a full week ban, which could lead to a permaban.  Considering how bad some rooms can get, we don't blame Ubisoft for taking the extra steps to improve their community and kicking out those who wish to take trash-talking to an unnecessary level.

So what can you do to avoid not getting banned in the game? Easy: Stop being racist, homophobic, and spewing hate speech.

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