Valve Introduces Dota Plus to Replace the Battle Pass

Valve has just introduced a new subscription service to Dota 2 that they're calling Dota Plus, which is designed to be a better version of the Battle Pass and eventually replace it. The reason being is that rather than having two types of Battle passes with their own rules and guidelines and tiers, the company would rather institute one solid system that can be updated on the fly for everyone at once. Below is a snippet from some of the details released today. The pass itself will be $4 a month, the Battle Cup will be returning and will be free to participate for all Plus members, while non-members can pay $1 to get in.


This reimagining of the Majors Battle Pass will be an ongoing, uninterrupted service filled with features that provide both progression and opportunities for improvement. Hero Leveling offers you a way to make progress every match while earning Shards, a new currency that can be used to unlock rewards. Test your skills by completing hundreds of new Challenges of varying difficulties. Use the Plus Assistant to help you make build decisions by utilizing real-time item and ability suggestions. These suggestions are based on data gathered from millions of recent games at each skill bracket, ensuring your builds stay current in the ever-evolving meta. Better understand your playstyle by using new graphs and analysis tools both during the match and after it's finished.

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