Get A Look At Everything New In Destiny: Rise Of Iron In New Video – Including Private Matches

Destiny: Rise of Iron is probably going to be a really important expansion for the game. It has to breathe life after a few months of being a little stagnant, as well as carry on the excellent work of The Taken King. It's also probably the last major bit of DLC for the game until 'Destiny 2', whatever form that takes.

You want a fairly quick round up of everything the is coming here? Well, this video straight outta Gamescom will catch you up. It features the raid, crucible, story as well as new things coming to the game. Also, private matches are finally coming, hallelujah! Take a look here:

Honestly the thing I'm most excited about? Those ornaments. Gun skins and ways to customise your look is obviously meaningless to gameplay, but will really help you make your Guradian yours. I can't wait for that.