LawBreakers Could Still Come To Consoles Says Cliff Bleszinski

I'm fascinated by Lawbreakers. The first person, free to play, moba-like arena shooter is neat looking and its going to be awesome to see playout. I do have a few doubts about the actual level of interest in the title, but when it is free, well, there will always be an audience.

The game is definitely geared towards PC gamers too, with a seeming focus on the precision of mouse and keyboard controls. However, if LawBreakers were to turn up on a console, that potential audience could grow. Speaking to Destructoid, designer Cliff Bleszinski has mentioned that it's a possibility, but there is just no way developer Boss Key Studios could handle it alone.

People are like 'You're never coming to console,' and I'm like 'I never said that,'

We're 40 people. Even if we wanted to do a console version, we couldn't right now,. If one of those potential console partners (Sony or Microsoft) reaches out — and they reach out all the time — we meet with them, and let's keep the dialogue going. It's just that we wouldn't be able to do the port ourselves. We'd need a really great partner that could knock it out of the park, keep it 60Hz, nail the controls, and make it fantastic.

I really hope that they do find those partners. I think a console version of the game could be the key to the game's success. We will have to see how it all plays out I suppose.