Man Loses EVO Semi-Final Because He Celebrates Too Early

This is brutal.

During the Guilty Gear Xrd semi-final at EVO 2015 today, one player had his elation turn to despair in seconds. Sometimes its the simplest things that undercut us and that is what happened when Woshige took on Owagazato.

Woshige was concentrating so hard on beating his opponent, it appears he forgot the overall score of the game. After beating Owagazato he forgets that he has only just tied the match 1-1, rather than outright winning. He runs off to celebrate leavingOwagazato to dismantle his motionless character in seconds.

Take a look:

Thanks to Youtuber RoBoT SheKeiB for the video

Eesh. Heartbreaking, as I'm sure a ton of practice and hard work had gone into that run. This is these guys Super Bowl so to blow it right before a final for not keeping an eye on the score can't be fun.

Thanks Destructoid for the heads up.

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