PlayStation VR Has Over 100 Games In Production Says Sony Chief Executive


One of my chief concerns about the PlayStation VR, especially over other VR headsets that have an active and tinkering PC community, is one of content. Fans and low range devs can make little experiences and retrofit old games for the headsets willy nilly on PC, but instead have to wait for Sony sanctioned releases with the PlayStation VR.

Well, it's a good thing that it seems Sony really are putting effort into content for the headset. Speaking at CES to the BBC, the chief executive Kaz Hirai has said that there are currently that 200 developers have signed up to make content on the PlayStation VR, with over a 100 already in production.

Well I think that we have more than 200 developers signed up for the PlayStation VR program, who are working on probably a hundred or more titles that will play on PlayStation VR, is a testament to the kind of support that we're getting from the content creation community.

This sounds good, and I really hope all of these games are quality. However, we often hear these kinds of numbers thrown out around a console launch and launch libraries are almost always disappointing. We'll have to see how this goes.