Visions Of Vetrovia Will Launch In EverQuest 2 Next Week

Daybreak Games revealed more details on the new EverQuest 2 expansion, Visions Of Vetrovia, which will be released on December 2nd. This expansion essentially breaks a lot of the conventional stuff people have been seeing in the game for the past few years with a brand new land to explore that is essentially a fantasy version of Jurassic Park. The company is putting the expansion out here at the same time they're also doing the new Premium Edition for $140, which comes with a ton of features and additions you can't get anywhere else. Here's the rundown of what's coming in the latest expansion.

Promo art for EverQuest 2: Visions Of Vetrovia. courtesy of Daybreak Games.
Promo art for EverQuest 2: Visions Of Vetrovia. courtesy of Daybreak Games.

Inspired by mystical visions, a crew of explorers, sailing the uncharted waters beyond the Shattered Seas, have found an isolated continent plagued by dark curses and discordant energies. Ruins of an ancient civilization are scattered across the landscape, while the imposing silhouette of an opulent castle rises from the highest point of the land for all to see. Whispers can be heard, in the native villages found along Vetrovia's coast, of its supernatural master and the horrors it contains, but are any of them true?

  • Conquer New Raids – Level your hero up to the new limit of 125! Conquer all new solo, heroic, and raid content in the magical lands of Vetrovia, and earn powerful weapons and armor.

  • Tackle New Feats – It'll take Norrath's exceptional heroes to survive the primal terrors and arcane forces found in the new lands of Vetrovia. Gather your forces and gear up to help protect Vetrovia, and endeavor to cleanse it of the malign forces that threaten all of Norrath.

  • Master Your Tradeskills – Esteemed artisans: speed up your crafting for things you've already perfected with Tradeskill Blueprints and take your character to new heights with five new Tradeskill levels. Decorate your house with dozens of new Vetrovian items.

  • Explore New Zones – Dense jungles, deinodons, zombies, witches and cannibal pygmies. Try not to get eaten while you explore Vetrovia's expanse and meet new friends and foes along your journey to cleanse the land.

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