Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle in Action

With the impending release of the Sisters of Battle Army Set, the folks at the Warhammer Community Page shared some glimpses of how the army will work in your games of Warhammer: 40K. After giving these rules a look, it's hard not to get excited about how this enigmatic faction of the Imperium is going to play! We already knew the Sisters of Battle looked great, but some of the new rules are amazing!

Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle in Action
Image Courtesy Games Workshop

In the new codex, the Sisters of Battle are more powerful, more flexible and have greater thematic depth than ever before. Elite, power-armoured troops, they utilise sacred rites, holy rituals and the power of their faith to go toe to toe with the greatest horrors the galaxy has to offer.

Meanwhile, rampaging hordes of penitents, flagellants and biomechanical horrors tear bloody swathes through the foe. These are the Adepta Sororitas, and they're better equipped than ever to face the horrors of these dark times. 

Of course Games Workshop has the fluff down. Painting pretty word pictures with a grimdark palette is what they do best! But what about special rules and game mechanics? There is a pretty neat rule for the Sisters of Battle that is sure to bring the paint to their enemies:

Miracle dice are kept to one side and accrued over the course of the battle as certain circumstances are met, and they're expended to channel the Acts of Faith for which the Sisters of Battle are renowned.  

Each time you earn a Miracle dice, you roll it and add it to your pool, while retaining its score. You can then expend these dice in place of certain rolls (hit and wound rolls, saving throws, and more) later in the battle to ensure you get the exact result you need, when you need it. How about that for your own divine intervention?!

Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle in Action
Image Courtesy Games Workshop

Yeesh. I already know a couple of players who are going to lose their minds when this gets played against them! The Sisters of Battle also have a number of Sacred Rights that they can perform that will give them an edge in battle. There is a whole lot to love when it comes to this new army!

The new Sisters of Battle Army Set will be up for pre-order this weekend, and carries a suggested retail price of $210. That might seem like a pretty big price tag, but you're getting a pretty solid army and their Codex. Be a hero and pre-order from your local game store this weekend, and happy gaming!

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