We Make Small Games Reveals More Of That Tiny Spaceship

Calgary-based developer We Make Small Games revealed more info on their upcoming game That Tiny Spaceship, along with a trailer. The game was recently included in the Indie Live Expo being held by Playism and Ryu's Office, and with it came a bunch of new info as the game has been quiet for a while. We now know that it will be a single-player space shooter inspired by the coin-op games and early home console games of the '80s. It will come with four missions and a synth-wave soundtrack for people to enjoy. There will be a bunch of original characters who have enrolled in the D.R.O.O.L institute's program to become licensed single-occupancy drone pilots. The game will have a number of visual novel sections meshed with playable missions that explore their struggles, interpersonal relationships and personalities.

A demo is on the way this summer, courtesy of We Make Small Games.
A demo is on the way this summer, courtesy of We Make Small Games.

The devs admit that the release has been all over the place, but there is a demo scheduled to be released sometime in the Summer of 2020. Here's some added info on the game and some screenshots, as well as the most recent trailer.

Taking a Cue From Coin-Op – Utilizing tried and true mechanics that helped define the shmup genre, That Tiny Spaceship's gameplay returns to the days where forward was the only way to go and getting a power-up opened up new tactical options. Warp from one side of the playfield to the other, just like in the arcade titles of yesterday.

A Few Seconds Can Feel Like A Lifetime – Each mission in That Tiny Spaceship might only be a couple of minutes long but when a flaming asteroid or enemy fighter comes barreling towards you with little notice, reaction time can make the difference between placing a high score and being another piece of space debris.

5 Levels – Travel from the narrow spaces of an asteroid field to a battle for survival within orbit of a blazing sun in That Tiny Spaceship's 5 campaign missions. Each mission features a unique locale, unique gameplay mechanics and challenges that build upon the foundations established in prior missions.

10+ Achievements – Mastering each of the 5 levels is just the beginning for those looking to obtain all of the achievements in That Tiny Spaceship. Just like console games from the 16-bit era, there's going to be a number of hidden Easter Eggs and challenges if you want to 100% That Tiny Spaceship.

Physics of Fun – Every moving object, hazard, ship and projectile utilizes a built-in physics simulation. While this does not provide the "pixel perfect" accuracy that earlier shoot'em ups made their name on, it provides a unique sense of movement and flow not found in similar games.

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