Who's Driving The Van? We Played "Moving Out" At PAX West 2019

Team17 came to PAX West 2019 with an armada of games, but the big one they showed off was unannounced until the con as we played Moving Out. This is a four-player scramble game in which you all play employees of a moving company. Your job is to go in as a team and move out a certain amount of possessions into a moving van. Sounds easy, right? Well, every home comes with its own set of challenges, like having a front yard that's a pain to maneuver through, or a haunted house where ghosts take the furniture back. Working as a team, you'll move a combination of small and large pieces of furniture under a timer. Clear the level and you'll move onto the next home for even greater challenges.

Who's Driving The Van? We Played "Moving Out" At PAX West
Credit: Team 17

If this feels a little familiar to you, it should. Team17 are also the company publishing the Overcooked! games, so they're used to having a four-player scramble to get things done. This game, in particular, was both fun and challenging without it feeling like a chore. Sometimes you get into games like this and if you're uncoordinated, it can turn into a fiasco with hurt feelings. But in Moving Out, screwing up just makes it even funnier as you will find new and inventive ways to get furniture out the door. The game is set to be released in 2020, but no firm date has been set for it yet.

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