World Of Warships Will Be Getting New Italian Battleships

Wargaming has revealed that the next update to World Of Warships will be bringing in a new line of Italian battleships ready for the fight. This new update will add several ships to your fleet as you'll now have access to the Dante Alighieri (Tier IV), the Conte di Cavour Tier V), the Andrea Doria (Tier VI), the Francesco Caracciolo (Tier VII), the Vittorio Veneto (Tier VIII), and the Lepanto (Tier IX). The update also comes with a few new additions such as the second season of Ranked Battles, Season 12 of Clan Battles, a new update for Brawls, and a Brazillian Carnival event with the inclusion of the Brazilian ship "Juruá" (which looks like a serpent below). you can read more on it here and check out images and two trailers below regarding the update.

The Italian navy is ready to deploy, sir! Courtesy of Wargaming.
The Italian navy is ready to deploy, sir! Courtesy of Wargaming.

The Italian Battleships come armed with a host of interesting features for players to try out. These include semi-armor-piercing shells to deal significant damage to weakly protected targets, and a large number of guns, balanced by their shorter range and lower accuracy. The new ships also feature higher maneuverability and armor protection for the ship itself. Tier VIII–X ships also can deploy the Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable, which allows them to hide from the enemy without having to reduce their speed.

To get these ships players in the early access can obtain a new temporary resource, the Italian Tokens. These can be earned by completing combat mission groups, a special chain of combat missions, from random bundles purchased with dubloons, free random bundles, Recruitment Point bundles in the armory and by completing combat missions from the official WoWS streams. The number of tokens that can be obtained by completing combat mission groups will be enough to obtain Tier IV-VI Battleships, with VII Francesco Caracciolo available as the final reward for completing the last combat mission group and IX Lepanto obtainable from random bundles purchased with Dubloons.

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