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Here's What Comes Inside The New Pokémon TCG: Pikachu V Box

If you didn't think Pikachu had featured on enough Pokémon-V cards, this new Pokémon TCG box is perfect for you. The franchise mascot is the star of this Pikachu V box that was released last week. I picked one up to crack open and show you the cards, reveal which booster packs are inside, and determine if this one was worth buying.

Pikachu V Box. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Pikachu V Box. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The new Pokémon TCG Pikachu V box includes:

  • Pikachu V – SWSH Black Star Promo
  • Mimikyu – This is a holographic reprint of the card from Sword & Shield – Darkness Ablaze. It uses the same artwork but includes the classic galaxy style of holographic foil used for promo cards.
  • An oversized version of the Pikachu V promo
  • Two packs of Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, the latest set
  • Two packs of Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike, the November 2021 set
Pokémon TCG Pikachu V 2022. Credit: Theo Dwyer
Pokémon TCG Pikachu V 2022. Credit: Theo Dwyer
Mimikyu Cosmos Holo. Credit: Theo Dwyer
Mimikyu Cosmos Holo. Credit: Theo Dwyer

Personally, I find this to be a solid box. I joke about Pikachu being featured as a promo a lot but, to be real, I never really tire of the iconic Pokémon. The Mimikyu holo is a good bonus, too, as it adds that classic foil style that has been in the Pokémon TCG since the late 90s to a modern card. I love how promos keep the galaxy foil alive, and I personally feel it should make a comeback in main series sets as well.

One thing to note, though, was that this Mimikyu was previously available as a holo in another promotion, though I was not able to find information of where it could be found. I had one, though!

Neither a stunning box nor one you should miss, this is a nice in-between-the-sets release that collectors should pick up.

Upcoming releases outside of main series Pokémon TCG drops include:

  • April 8th:
    • Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection: Features Lucario VSTAR SWSH Black Star Promo, Lucario V Full Art SWSH Black Star Promo, six booster packs.
    • Morpeko V-UNION Special Collection: Features Morpeko V-UNION SWSH Black Star Promos (four pieces total making up a single image).
    • V Heroes Tins: The three tins each feature either Espeon V, Sylveon V, or Umbreon V as SWSH Black Star Promos.
    • Sinnoh Stars Mini Tins featuring two booster packs
  • April 22nd:
    • Arceus V Figure Collection: Features Arceus V SWSH Black Star Promo, an Arceus figure, and four booster packs.
    • Boltund V Box: A Boltund V SWSH Black Star Promo, a holographic version of the Wooloo from Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike, and four booster packs.
  • May 20th: Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection: Features a Professor Juniper Full Art, three foil Professor's Research reprints, 65 Professor Juniper card sleeves, a Professor Juniper deck box, a coin, and more.
  • May 27th: Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection: Features Kleavor VSTAR SWSH Black Star Promo, Kleavor V Full Art SWSH Black Star Promo, six booster packs.
  • July 1st: Trainer Toolkit 2022: Features not yet confirmed.

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