Yooka-Laylee Will Drop Into Volta-X In November 2020

Some interesting news from GungHo Online Entertainment as they will be bringing Yooka-Laylee to Volta-X next month. Both of Playtonic Games' main characters will be thrown into the mix as part of the strategic robot battler's first major free content update. Starting this week, players today will see changes to the game's Headquarters as well as a bit of combat balancing, a new mix of weapons, and several emotes. We got more info on the character's addition below as we're sure they'll bring an added sense of cute and fun to the title.

Yooka-Laylee, in all its cuteness, will be in Volta-X in November. Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment.
Yooka-Laylee, in all its cuteness, will be in Volta-X in November. Courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment.

Yooka and Laylee are gearing up for a fight — and they mean bees-ness! Yooka will turn a new page on this tail — errr tale — by joining the Volta Crew in an original story mission, complete with his own unique abilities. "Slurp State" allows Yooka to take on any environmental effects in a room and imbue his next attacks with that effect. More details on the collaboration are coming soon. As for the new update dropping today, the Headquarters hub is receiving an Edit Mode, which will allow players to move parts of their Base around. Improvements have also been made to Crew Assignments and selection. Players will receive new battle Emotes and a Volta taunt, and can now access multiple save slots if they want to battle their way through the game's story again.

Four new weapons are being thrown into the mix to change up the game:

  • Light Punch delivers a low-damage, fast-cooldown attack that gives players the opportunity to strike over and over again. It can't target flying objects, but it can overwhelm an opponent with a furious flurry of jabs.
  • Ballista does less damage, but this ancient, long-ranged weapon has an extremely short cooldown.
  • Shotgun sprays opponents with multiple projectiles at once, doing either high damage to one Volta part in close range or less damage to multiple parts from a distance.
  • Chainsaw inflicts damage upon making contact with an opponent's part and damages the part three more times as it makes a deeper cut.

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