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GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new collaboration event with Puzzle & Dragons and The Prince of Tennis II today The event, like others before it, will have special themes and challenges within the game that can be used to unlock limited-time items related to the tennis game A lot of them have been set[...]
Teppen Receieves New Update With Latest War of the Goddess Episode
GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new update for Teppen, as The War of the Goddess event continues with a new episode The latest episode has been called Breath Of Resistance, which serves as the second piece to a three-part arc, in which the heroes will have to band together to defy the Goddess Myria[...]
Hello Kitty Makes Their Way Back To Puzzle & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that Hello Kitty has made their return to their mobile game Puzzle & Dragons The latest collaboration event is now live in the game as soon as you update it and will be running all the way through December 12th, 2021 During this time you will be able to access[...]
Gearbox Publishing Is Celebrating Godfall's One-Year Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment has revealed Season 8 of Ninjala this week as players will have to channel their inner animal to survive Some interesting choices will need to be made, as you can see from the art below, where it appears the animal you're tied to will help you gain some abilities Not to mention[...]
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GungHo Online Entertainment has released a new update for Teppen as players can now experience the Mission Of Ruin in the game The update brings back the Goddess Myria to the game, and with her comes a brand new card pack by which the update is named after This particular update will be the start[...]
Deathverse: Let It Die Revealed During PlayStation's State Of Play
During PlayStation's latest State Of Play, GungHo Online Entertainment revealed this latest game on the way with Deathverse: Let It Die This game picks up where the previous one left off, as you battle to the death and fight for your own survival in the world's top reality TV show Will your chances improve before[...]
Samurai Shodown Makes Its Way Into Puzzles & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment and SNK have come together to bring the world of Samurai Shodown to Puzzles & Dragons again We have the details of everything going on in the game right now, but the short version is that running until July 11th, you can summon samurai from the 6 Magic Stones Samurai Shodown Egg[...]
Teppen Celebrates Second Anniversary With Dragons Of War
Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment are celebrating Teppen's second anniversary with the latest update bringing in Dragons Of War The event brings in iconic characters and monsters from the Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter Riders series, as they will join the fray for the game's birthday bash We got everything they are including in this celebration for you here[...]
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 Hits Puzzle & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 has come to Puzzle & Dragons In this latest content drop for the game, you'll be able to recruit iconic fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, M Bison, Guile, and more Not to mention having ★6 Nash joins the cast as a brand new[...]
Ninjala Releases Season Six Details For First Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment revealed new details to Season Six of Ninjala as the game celebrates its one-year anniversary The team behind the game released a brand new dev diary video, which you can check out below, as they go over all the additions they're making to the game for the latest season Chief among them[...]
Oichi Is The Latest Capcom Character Added To Teppen
GungHo Online Entertainment has added a new character and more to the latest update for Teppen with Oichi from Sengoku BASARA Oichi comes to the game in the latest expansion called "The Battle of Amatsu No Kuni", which also introduces new cards, abilities, and the game's latest hero You can read more about it below[...]
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GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom announced today the Teppen World Championship 2020 will take place on December 26th The game has been playing tournaments online for the majority of the year as it too was no exception to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing players from around the world to compete from home But despite the restrictions,[...]
Some interesting news from GungHo Online Entertainment as they will be bringing Yooka-Laylee to Volta-X next month Both of Playtonic Games' main characters will be thrown into the mix as part of the strategic robot battler's first major free content update Starting this week, players today will see changes to the game's Headquarters as well[...]
GungHo Online Entertainment Announces Robot Battler Volta-X
GungHo Online Entertainment has sent us another set of codes to give away for Volta-X, only this time these are for the full game We've done previous giveaways in the past for this game during its beta phase, but now we have 100 codes for you to play the full version as its been released[...]