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The Agents Of SHIELD Reveal The Truth About Hydra

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode – All the Madame's Men







The Framework story arc continues to be one of the series highpoints and this episode starts with a flashback to Daisy Johnson and Melinda May working side-by-side against Hydra to escape the Triskelion. While escaping, they are confronted by Madame Hydra who gets severely injured in fight. Daisy and May escape. Leo Fitz is beside himself with Aida / Madame hurt and only his father's counsel keeps him together and focused on the project. But now Jemma Simmons knows about the project and with Trip's help, she's trying to track it down.

Ward is beside himself with worry and goes off to find Daisy, who is now on the run. But Daisy and May go to the contact point from before and get rescued from there by Coulson and Mack. With May they get her bodycam footage of just how the Patriot died. They decide to use it to bring down Hydra.

Meanwhile in reality we learn that Aida has created a body for Ivanov which has her limitations too… like not killing members of SHIELD. But Aida's project will create a new body for herself, a real body, and will free them of that limitation. Jemma and Trip figure out where this is happening, except they find the spot in the Framework while the machine is being build in the real world where the Coulson and the others are being held.

Coulson leads a team to take over the Hydra new station where Bakshi is the most trusted man on TV. There are a few interesting script choices here, but the bottom line is that they get the footage onto the air and show that the Patriot sacrificed himself to save children while Hydra tried to blow up the building. Not a good PR move. And it seems the people are starting to turn against Hydra. But we learn that Fitz has finished designing the machine, so he can save Aida. He knows that she is going to the real world, and he wants to go with her. But would his altered programming continue to exist if he left the framework?

There wasn't a lot of things that happened in the episode, mostly there were little moments like Ward and Daisy talking about which is the real world and if Ward will get his Skye back. And Ward willing to sacrifice himself to get the broadcast out. May and Coulson falling into old patterns even though neither of them remember the other. The chemistry between Jemma and Trip, which was always fun in the past. You had some action beats and some twists, but over all it was a character driven episode and a chance to see interactions that we've not scene in some time. It almost felt like the first season again when it was just a rag-tag team that was separate from the main SHIELD group.

There are only three episodes left in the season… and there is still no word on renewal… so maybe the series. The show seems to reinvent itself every years, just how much change will take place by the season finale? And even if they all get out alive, Jeffrey Mace is already dead, Holden Radcliffe is dead in the real world and we lose Trip again. Heck, we lose Ward again and I like this version. I have a feeling it's going to dramatic final three episodes.

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