All The Power Rangers Suit Up With Their Zords In New Movie Posters

I am quite intrigued by the Power Rangers movie. That brand has such a unique style and premise that seems tied to the time it released, that it is near impossible to 'picture it' in 2016 with a serious-ish tone.

However, it seems Lionsgate are trying to give it a good ol' go judging by everything I've seen so far. The film is really trying to update the look of the franchise and you can see that in these new posters for the film. These are our best "official" look at the zords thus far, really giving us an idea of what this thing is going to look like. Each character gets a poster with their corresponding avatar, and you can take a look below on how it is turning out:

power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-yellow-zord power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-pink-zord power-rangers-2017-blue-poster power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-black-zord power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-red-zord

These all look like robot dinosaurs by way of Lotus…

There is still a lot to know about this project, but as I started off with, colour me intrigued to see how this one turns out.