Andy Weir On Why 'Wonder Woman' Sets Little Girls Up For Disappointment

andy weir
Photo from NASA/James Blair and Lauren Harnett

Andy Weir, author of The Martian, has a much thinner filter than one may expect of mega-multimedia mouthpiece — which means he's more entertaining that the usual PR-ed-to-death platitudes that occasionally crop up.

Weir was a panelist at the Science Fiction, Science Future panel at Comic-Con today. But because this is Comic-Con, the presence of comics creators helped divert conversation into comic book character discussion — Erin Manzo tells us that and Weir suggested that the Wonder Woman movie may set a bad example for little girls. A controversial opinion in the room, he was asked to justify that opinion:

"They may think more good DC movies are coming."

Handbag to Mr. Weir in Room 6DE, handbag to Mr Weir…

The Science Fiction, Science Future panel's description:

SpaceX is developing a reusable passenger rocket, and self-driving cars will soon be in everyone's garage. Science fiction has become science reality. Where are we heading next? Join the Fleet Science Center as they bring together Andy Weir (author of The Martian), Mike Johnson (writer, Star Trek comics) and Cindy Pon(author, Want) to discuss with Dr. Stuart Lee (lead research scientist, NASA) Allison Hutchings (project engineer, ATA Engineering) and Dr. Sara Gombatto (associate professor, doctor of physical therapy program, School for Exercise and Nutritional Sciences) what the future will hold.

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