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Video: John C. McGinley And Janet Varney Talk 'Stan Against Evil' Season 2
McGinley SDCC 2017 Interview ( Janet Varney is the new sheriff in this sleepy New England town of Willard's Mill Her character Evie Barret, is taking over for the recently fired Stan She does want to stop the demons, however…much to his chagrin Varney is perhaps best known as the voice of Korra in The Legend of Korra,[...]
Taking Confession: 'Preacher' S02E07 – Pig (BC Liveblog)
I'm going to be throwing-out a lot of thoughts, opinions and random off-topic tangents…so make sure to let me know what you think! ●  This page should update…but just to be on the safe side I strongly suggest you refresh every now and then to make sure because I've been known to ramble quickly. ●  If you're[...]
Hundreds May Have Used Counterfeit Hall H Wristbands At San Diego Comic-Con 2017
SDCC 2017 attendees at the talkback panel reported lining up Thursday night to guarantee Saturday entry into Hall H. Hall H will never expand to accommodate demand, but several adjustments in recent years have at least systematised and legitimised the waiting process and saved folks from a night's slumber on hard asphalt In 2014, Comic-Con International[...]