The Babadook Has Found Love At Last In Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Remember some time ago when the Babadook made a surprising turn as a new gay icon, appearing everywhere from the RuPaul's Drag Race Season Finale to Pride parades and marches the world over?

Well, it seems the shadowy horror of queer fabulousness has found himself love…in the arms of fear-feeding demon from beyond reality and kid-chomping clown, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

It seems this time to have started from a joke on Twitter, rather than a mistake on Netflix's part as was the case with The Babadook being listed as an LGBT Interest movie. On Twitter, of course, certain quarters couldn't possibly take the joke.

Because of course, Pennywise can terrorise children and literally eat their arms clean off their bodies, but heaven forbid he find comfort in the arms of another male living nightmare.

Well, when you come at us, we just keep on getting louder, honey, and that is just what happened with everyone's new favourite 'ship of the Babadook and Pennywise.

Pennywise and the Babadook
Artwork by Kumi Ventura

The couple, collectively called Babawise or perhaps Pennydook, can usually be found taking romantic time out visiting their nearest cat cafe and terrorising small children, before retiring to the deep dark sewers for a lengthy 27-year sojourn.

It is believed they initially found each other using gay monster dating service, Ghoulr, and then sharing a romantic meal of children's nightmares among the ignorance of adults, where the two found each other's dark hearts. It is not known whether Pennywise has yet shown the Babadook his Deadlights, but then, that's between them, really.

However, there is rumour of trouble in paradise, as some suggest the Babadook's wandering gaze may have fallen on another creature from the depths of Hell:

Frankly, I think it's greedy — I can't even find myself one horrific terror from beyond the veil of human horror, let alone two.

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