Beanie Mania On HBO Max Is A Fascinating Look At Beanie Babies Boom

Beanie Mania is a new documentary on HBO Max about the boom of Beanie Babies from the mid to late '90s. And it is fascinating, not just as a look at that particular item, but about collecting in general. Who knew that this whole craze started on a small cul-de-sac in Naperville, 35 miles outside Chicago? I sure didn't. On top of chronicling the rise of the collectible plushies, Beanie Mania is a cool time capsule of a bunch of 90's nostalgia like American Online, magazines, Y2K, and the excess that the '90s stood for. It also has a lot to say about consumerism, greed, and the worst in people. People think the '80s were full of excess; the late '90s gave that decade a run for its money. Check out the trailer below.

Beanie Mania Synopsis

"From Director Yemisi Brookes comes a documentary about Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys on everyone's minds (and shelves) in the late '90s. 'Beanie Mania' is an illuminating and entertaining exploration of how a children's toy spawned an unprecedented investment bubble and a frenzy of American greed." My favorite part of this was when they spent some time talking about the McDonald's Teenie Beanie Babies. That is what I remember from this time, waiting in line for hours at the drive-thru to get the Happy Meals, trying to get the turtle. Speedy was his name, and I wanted him desperately. I managed to get one, and to this day, I have him. Back then, a friend at school offered me $40 for him, and I said no. Looking now, he's worth about $3, so jokes on me, I guess.

Beanie Mania On HBO Max Is A Fascinating Look At Beanie Babies Boom
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Beanie Mania is now streaming on HBO Max, and you should give it a watch.

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