Bleeding Cool Chatter #22 – Ready Player One: Book vs. Movie Perspective

Bleeding Cool Chatter is a new web series hosted by Bleeding Cool's head film writer Kaitlyn Booth. This time, Kaitlyn is joined by fellow film and TV writers Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler.

The Bleeding Cool staff have been on the edge of their seats waiting for Ready Player One, but no one has been more excited than Mary Anne and Bill. They are both huge fans of the book, and as the release date crept closer I decided that I would abstain from reading it. That way, the three of us could look at this movie from two different angles: as book fans and as someone who barely knows the basics of the book. So it's not surprising that we really got into it when we sat down to talk about the movie.

The first part of this video is spoiler free, and then some spoilers happen. We clearly say in the video where the spoilers begin. This review is also filled with spoilers for the book as well, but those don't really kick in until we get into spoilers about the movie.

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