Brandon Routh Talks The Atom And Ollie Gets New Trick Arrows

The CW and WBTV's hit show Arrow seems to be making a lot of noise lately with casting announcements, posters released, etc… and with social media masters like Stephen Amell and John Barrowman, you can always find a new tid-bit of information. So let me round up a few of the latest.

First, Brandon Routh, formerly of Superman Returns fame has seen the costume for The Atom. Which tells us his new role as Ray Palmer will eventually lead him to getting small which we did not know for certain yet. Routh was doing an interview with DJ Tanner (not from Full House) and spilled the beans on their podcast.

"It's a totally different suit and I haven't been in it yet, I've only seen drawings. It's a very different character and I really can't say too much about what the suit's going to look like… just that it's very different and I don't believe it has a cape, which doesn't really surprise anybody if you've seen The Atom in the comics. But it's a cool opportunity; it's a cool show with a huge following. They do a great job grounding the show. Having my character on there — he has a lot of different elements. I get to come on there and [do some] comedy in a pretty dark world. My character, Ray Palmer, interacts with Felicity mostly in the episodes I've shot so far and it's just a lot of fun. I have a great time working with Emily. I think it's going to add it a whole new element to the show that I think fans will like, whether they dislike Ray getting into the middle of the Oliver/Felicity relationship or not."

Routh added that they have filmed through the sixth episode, so not costume in the first half-dozen episodes at least.

Then over in an interview with TVLine, executive producer Marc Guggenheim let it be known that Ollie will be filling his quiver with more trick arrows this season.

"In the season premiere, you'll see a new kind of arrow. And in Episode 5, there's another new kind of arrow we've never seen before. Season 3 is like a movie sequel, where he's got new gadgets to play with!"

The infamous boxing glove arrow made it's debut in the digital comic Arrow Season 2.5 that bridges the gap between last and the upcoming seasons. We'll have to wait to see if it will pop up in the television series.

Also debuting this year will be Ted Grant / Wildcat played by J.R. Ramirez. He will be training Laruel Lance (Katie Cassidy) to fight. The shows stunt James "Bam Bam" Bamford posted this instagram photo of the Wildcat Gym.

And finally Guggenheim continued the tradition of posting the first page of a new script to twitter… not sure where the tradition came from, but I like it.


And this picture from the table reading for the crossover episode with The Flash posted by the Flash Writer's Room.


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