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When it comes to learning a lot about what went into creating and keeping the shared universe running, "Arrowverse" co-mastermind Marc Guggenheim continues proving to be one of the best sources of intel For this go-around, Guggenheim was asked on Twitter/X earlier this week who the most difficult character was in the "Arrowverse" to cast. In[...]
With The CW's Superman & Lois set to end its run with the upcoming fourth season and James Gunn's Superman: Legacy hitting screens in Summer 2025, now would seem like a great time to start talking about a new Superman series – maybe one starring Routh and Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim at the helm? Batwoman —[...]
Patton Oswalt Lied About Not Being In Eternals
Raffle prizes include signed comics and graphic novels from creators who couldn't make the event and are not local, a front-of-the-line pass to FCBD 2024, and custom one-of-a-kind skate Arsenal decks that will ALL be signed by the special guests. As well as Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, that also means Tim Sheridan, Jackson Lanzing, Hannah Rose[...]
Beware! Marvel to Publish Prequel to Original Planet Of The Apes Movie
In January 2024, Marc Guggenheim and Álvaro López will launch Beware The Planet Of The Apes, a new four-issue series set in the original Planet of the Apes movies era from Marvel Comics Including lead characters Cornelius, Zira, and Nova, and a prequel to the original 1968's Planet of the Apes movie. INTO THE FORBIDDEN ZONE![...]
the flash
In the latest episode, Krishnan & Ramamurthy speak with Marc Guggenheim (co-creator, "Arrowverse" & DC's Legends of Tomorrow), with the trio covering a wide range of topics – from what he learned from working on the Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern and what goes into crafting a successful superhero television show to his thoughts on viewers having[...]
the flash
A little more than a week after Marc Guggenheim, one of the founding forces behind The CW's "Arrowverse" (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, etc.), posted an update on Substack expressing his feelings about not getting "at least a meeting" with DC Studios' co-heads James Gunn & Peter Safran re new DCU and how that's impacted his[...]
the flash
What we didn't realize at the time was that a few days later, Marc Guggenheim, one of the founding forces behind The CW's "Arrowverse" (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, etc.), had posted an update on Substack expressing his feelings on not having gotten "at least a meeting" and how that's impacted his feelings on his time[...]
Too Dead To Die
Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap picked up the story that Too Dead To Die, the Marc Guggenheim and Howard Chaykin graphic novel from Image Comics, was picked up to be a movie from Universal Studios Unfortunately, they both reported that the graphic novel was "upcoming" or "forthcoming" when it's actually been out for[...]
Marc Guggenheim & Howard Chaykin, Too Dead To Die, In Time For Xmas
Arrowverse creator Marc Guggenheim and Black Kiss's Howard Chaykin are reuniting to collaborate on a new original graphic novel from Image Comics, Too Dead To Die, that promises classic spy novel suspense, and out for Christmas. In the 1980s, Simon Cross was America's top super-spy In Too Dead To Die, he faces down today's very different[...]
Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1 Review:
The last page, featuring an obvious, in retrospect, surprise guest, is worth a chuckle. Marc Guggenheim and Jorge Fornés contribute a story told backward, leading to an excellent use of a Kierkegaard quote Fornés' work continues to impress, especially a panel that recalls the work of the Hernandez Bros Guggenheim throws in a nod to Edgar[...]
L.A. Law
Marc Guggenheim is calling another familiar face from Arrow to join him in the upcoming ABC revival L.A Law in Kacey Rohl, who will be playing a leading role in the legal drama's pilot Joining her as part of the cast are Hari Nef, Toks Olagundoye, Ian Duff, John Harlan Kim, and fellow Arrow alum[...]
Marc Guggenheim Writes Moon Knight Like Memento
Marc Guggenheim has written about an upcoming Moon Knight story of his his Substack He posted; This past week also saw the announcement of a ten-page story for a new Moon Knight anthology series called MOON KNIGHT: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD Artist Jorge Fornés and I will have a 10-page story in the inaugural issue[...]
When Theresa Franklin Met Marc Guggenheim
The man who helped get her current (and more) gigs, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim Tee Franklin tweeted out, "so @mguggenheim became friends last year & he's been such an amazing mentor as I've started this TV/film journey Marc's super talented, and this latest project (plus Green Lantern series & comics) has me over the moon[...]
Arrow's Marc Guggenheim’s The Last Flight Out, Next Big Comics Hit?
Every comic book fan knows Marc Guggenheim – as the groundbreaking showrunner of Arrow (which handed DC their biggest live-action win since The Dark Knight), the showrunner of the new Green Lantern series on HBOMax which totally won't be the movie again or as an acclaimed X-Men writer for over a decade, including creating some of[...]
And it's easy to pinpoint where it all began, with 2019's sixth annual Arrowverse crossover event that found Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow facing a… "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Now, crossover creator Marc Guggenheim is sharing an "artifact" from the multi-series event's planning stages. Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (Image:[...]
We just have to add "multi" and get rid of the "uni." And to know where to look for a sense of where all this multiverse love came from, look no further than The CW's mega-crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Running from December 2019 to January 2020 and with Marc Guggenheim as overall creator,[...]
green arrow
Now, series co-star Katherine McNamara pilot writers Beth Schwartz and Marc Guggenheim are offering their thoughts on the decision via social media. Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. First, here's a look back at what McNamara posted around the time the news was officially announced, followed by an Instagram post from[...]
Your Voice Chicago - SNL
Gimple on Animated, Miniseries Interests and A Creepshow Animated Special Will Haunt Your Halloween Season: Preview: Speaking of "sacrificing something to whatever god or gods they worship," let's do our part to support projects like the Creepshow animated special or initiatives like bringing animation to the TWDU because "animated horror" is definitely a subgenre I'd[...]
If you're a fan of The CW's Arrowverse, you might not like what Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim had to say during a spotlight session posted as part of Comic-Con International's "Storytelling Across Media" series on Saturday But if you're looking forward to his upcoming Green Lantern-focused series for HBO Max,[...]
Green Lantern Corp (Image: DC Comics)
HBO Max made some major news on Friday, announcing that its upcoming live-action Green Lantern series will be written by Seth Grahame-Smith (The LEGO Batman Movie) and someone who is definitely no stranger to the DC Universe: Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, 2011 Green Lantern film) In addition, Grahame-Smith will serve as showrunner on the ten-part series[...]
The Flash -- "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" -- Image Number: FLA609e_0010r2.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Brandon Routh as Superman and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl -- Photo: The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Asked on Twitter if he would be a part of WarnerMedia's 24-hour virtual convention DC FanDome this Saturday, August 22, crossover mastermind Marc Guggenheim revealed that not only would he be there but also the panel he would be a part of: "Behind the Scenes of the Arrowverse Crossover." Here's a look at Guggenheim's tweet,[...]
Dinah Drake aka Black Canary, Mia, and Laurel Lance aka Black Siren are Green Arrow and the Canaries, courtesy of The CW.
I've had many discussions with Warner Bros, we have a strategy involved hopefully, we can pull it off." Now that we're less than two weeks away from DC FanDome (WarnerMedia's big, 24-hour promotion fest for all things Warner Bros., DC Comics, etc., on August 22), we can't keep our "dumpster fires of speculation" from crackling[...]
Batwoman and Supergirl disagree on "Crisis on Infinite Earths", courtesy of The CW.
Thankfully, Christina Radish from Collider went directly to one very important "source" who was more than happy to go on the record: series executive producer Marc Guggenheim When asked if was tough to say goodbye to Rose or if the moment was opening up the series to more creative possibilities, Guggenheim responded from the perspective[...]
youngblood 2 9.8
Yesterday we got the word that Marc Guggenheim, creator of the Arrowverse, was working on the screenplay Rob Liefeld posted to social media, saying ' Super excited that Mighty Marc Guggenheim has jumped on board PROPHET!! He's so ridiculously talented and you guys are going to dig what he has in store!! Studio spends big[...]
Rob Liefeld's Prophet film has hired a writer.
Studio 8 will bring the character to life, with the help of writer Marc Guggenheim, who they have tapped to write the script Studio 8 is looking to make this a franchise, with Adrian Askarieh (Hitman: Agent 47), Brooklyn Weaver (Run All Night), and Rob Liefeld himself producing The character appeared in Youngblood, also receiving[...]
DC Comics Reveals Details For Titans 100-Page Giant #1
But the danger they uncover is far greater than one missing person-the fate of humanity is at stake, and only Beast Boy can save the day! What's "Normal'? an 8-page story written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Steve Pugh A charistmatic cult leader has been recruiting followers to join his "church," a highly suspicious organization locked[...]
carnival row
With production underway, viewers learned on Thursday that Jay Ali (USA Network's The Purge) is set to join the Orlando Bloom–Cara Delevingne-starrer. Ali's Kaine is a Faerie allied with the Black Raven criminal gang, alongside Delevingne's Vignette. Netflix Last month, viewers learned that Erik Oleson (Netflix's Daredevil) agreed to join the second season as executive producer and new showrunner,[...]