Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Players Have Thrown 2.25 Trillion Grenades

The industry appears to be on a big infographic influx of late. Every other games is throwing out an infographic about arbitrary statistics that accumulates to some humongous number we can't really put into context.

These numbers from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are really humongous, mind. In a blog post, Sledgehammer Games revealed that 2.25 trillion grenades have been thrown in their game. On top of that, players have also boost jumped around 105 trillion times, or rather 14,000 times around the Earth.

That last one really spins me out. I don't even know how that is a conceivable number. I'm sure there is some huge rounding out going on here, but still, that's a lot of boost jumps. Not that it means much of course, it's just a neat stat.

Here are the other stats the developer wrangled out.