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CinemaCon 2022: Universal/Focus Features Presentation Liveblog

Last August, the movie theater industry descended on a very, very warm Las Vegas four months later than the usual time that CinemaCon usually happens. A convention hosted by the National Association for Thearter Owners, this con allows for studios to show off what movies they are going to be bringing to the big screen this year and the trade show shows off all of the new forms of seats to candy to everything else for the theater owners of the world. Last year, there was a lot of talk about the fact that theaters needed to confront the streaming problem a lot sooner than anyone thought they were going to have to. Less than a year later, it looks like things have been turning around, even if they aren't back to where they were. We here at Bleeding Cool like to liveblog the presentations, and today, we are liveblogging the Universal Pictures presentation.

CinemaCon 2022 Universal presentation, photo by Kaitlyn Booth.
CinemaCon 2022 Universal presentation, photo by Kaitlyn Booth.

If you had asked us at the beginning of the week if the Universal presentation would be a big deal, we would have said yes but not a massive deal. However, after the news day they had yesterday specifically, it became very important. Yesterday, they delayed a movie, announced that a film with many false starts is going to be two movies, and then they lost the director to one of their biggest franchises mere days into production. While Universal has Jurassic World Dominion right around the corner, and they are likely going to lean on something like that, there are many questions about what will happen with this studio. We are also getting to see some stuff from Focus Features, and last year we got to see the first footage from The Northman, which just came out this week and is freaking awesome. We'll have to see what kind of footage they decide to show off for us during this two-hour and fifteen-minute presentation.

CinemaCon 2022 Focus Features presentation, photo by Kaitlyn Booth.
CinemaCon 2022 Focus Features presentation, photo by Kaitlyn Booth.

Universal Presentation Liveblog

(Liveblog takes a few seconds to load. Questions for Kaitlyn about the presentation as it unfolds?  Ask in the comments down below)

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