Finn Jones And Mike Colter Talk 'Heroes For Hire' Dynamic

marvel's the defendersLuke Cage and Iron Fist are a legendary pair in the comics known as the Heroes for Hire. However, Luke Cage and Danny Rand might exist in the same universe now but they haven't met yet but they will this August in Marvel's The Defenders. We got to see them interact a little in the trailer but nothing like the dynamic that made them such an amazing pair in the comics. Ever since Marvel announced plans to bring Luke and Danny to the small screen fans have been wondering if we are going to get to see a variation of the Heroes for Hire. Stars Mike Colter and Finn Jones spoke at Houstin Comicpalooza last weekend (text via MCU Exchange) and expressed that they want to see one of the great pairings of Marvel comics as much as we do.

MIKE: We're gonna start a fundraiser for Heroes for Hire (laughs)

FINN: It's really interesting how we meet the first time. Without spoiling too much, at first we don't see eye to eye. We come from very different backgrounds. And we kind of question each other's ethics especially Luke to Danny. Danny is super hot-headed. Always the first to jump the gun and be very reckless. And Luke is kind of there to settle me down a little bit. So I kind of see Luke as the coach to Danny.

MIKE: I think the scenes with Danny and Luke are some of the best scenes we have in the series. You've seen the trailer so you've seen the fist in my face. There's some cool stuff in there. It's a good dynamic.

FINN: And they've done it right. They don't just jump right into it. It's a slow burn, a slow build. And you understand where these characters and these worlds are coming from so when they collide, it feels very real. It feels very relevant. And I really hope we see a Heroes For Hire.

MIKE: They're making it in 2027 (laughs)

Marvel's The DefendersIron Fist hasn't been renewed for a second season yet and there were some significant problems within that first season. Perhaps a Mighty Marvel Team-Up in the form of a Heroes for Hire situation would help improve Iron Fist in a second season. Colter said several months ago that they were planning on doing Heries for Hire at some point.

"We're going to be getting ready to do Heroes for Hire eventually. We're going to do it."

The Defenders will stream to Netflix on August 18, 2017.

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