Photos: First Look At 'Death Race: Beyond Anarchy'

Universal sent out a presser today with seven images for the new Death Race movie called Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.

The interesting thing is that the movie appears to have had a title change. The IMDB has listed the movie as Death Race: Anarchy, while the presser says that the title is now Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. Here are the seven pictures they provided, which include some looks at Danny Trejo and some of the action we can expect from this title.

The movie currently has a 2018 release date, but nothing specific yet. We should expect a poster or a teaser trailer within in the next couple of months if this is going to go for a mid to late 2018 release.

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, directed by Don Michael Paul, stars Zach McGowan, Frederick Koehler, Christine Marzano, Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, and Frederick Koehler.

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