Frozen 2 Documentary Series Coming To Disney+ June 26th

Frozen 2 is the next Disney project getting a behind the scenes documentary. Following the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 will debut on Disney+ on June 26th. The six-part series will all release at once, taking a look at what went into making Frozen 2 the most successful animated feature of all-time. Expect plenty of looks at the animation process of the film, interviews with the voice cast, and all areas of Disney that go into making a film a reality. The show was teased for awhile and then not spoken of for a while. Now we know when we can see it. Josh Gad went on Good Morning America to discuss the series.

Frozen 2 Is Getting People Through Tough Times

Back when all of this stuff was going on started, one thing Disney did to help families pass the time was release Frozen 2 early onto Disney+. While we don't have numbers to go on, it is a safe bet that since going live on the service, it is probably the most streamed project on there by a wide margin. They have also been producing a series of Olaf shorts as well. Basically, if you are a Frozen fan, Disney has you covered right now.

Frozen 2 Poster. Credit Disney
Frozen 2 poster. Credit Disney

This might be the last true blockbuster we will see for some time in theaters, as the film scored $1.5 billion worldwide when it released last November. That made it the highest-grossing animated film of all-time, surpassing the original Frozen film. It is always a good time going behind the scenes with the animation teams at Disney and seeing how passionate they are about their work. Hopefully, Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 will be more of the same when it debuts on June 26th.

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