GOTG2 Star Dave Bautista Wants You To Know There's Nothing Weird About Drax Makeup Removal Process


Rub-a-dub-dub, it's Drax in a tub! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Dave Bautista may have made a career in the WWE rolling around the wrestling ring, grappling with musclebound studs wearing nothing but his underwear, but he wants to make it absolutely clear that there's nothing "weird" about the fact that he gets in a sauna with three guys to have his makeup removed after each day of filming GOTG2. Bautista was speaking to about the steamy four-man makeup removal process when he felt the need to make this clarification for some reason:

The problem was it goes on really great and it looks really great, but it's really hard to get off. They came up with this idea: they stick me in a sauna at the end of the day. [laughs] They literally have to melt it off of me. That was the thing, because during the test we found out it's so abrasive they literally have to scrub it off of me. So after two days, my skin was like hamburger. So they came up with the sauna thing, and I literally have a portable sauna that travels around with me and I get in at the end of the day, and I get three guys who come in and attack me — nothing weird there. Four guys in a sauna, just being men. [laughs] We talk about football and fighting a lot while we're in there. [laughs]

Oh, Dave! Not only was there no need to point that out because there's nothing "weird" about it either way, but now you've gone and ruined our fantasies too! Oh well. We'll always have that Evolution slashfic.

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