New Images From Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, And More

USA Today has released their fall and winter preview for movies, and with it comes a bunch of new images from a variety of titles.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth, right) tries to keep Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) from hulking out in a strange alien world in 'Thor: Ragnarok' (Nov. 3).

Personal assistant Hector MacQueen (Josh Gad, left) is questioned by super-sleuth Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) in the Agatha Christie mystery adaptation 'Murder on the Orient Express' (Nov. 10).

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot, center) leads superhero newcomers Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) into battle in 'Justice League' (Nov. 17).

Aspiring musician Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez) teams up with charming trickster Hector (Gael García Bernal) for a talent show in the Land of the Dead in Pixar's animated 'Coco' (Nov. 22)

Elisa (Sally Hawkins, right) is able to confide in her neighbor Giles (Richard Jenkins) about her fishy new love in the unconventional fairy tale 'The Shape of Water' (Dec. 8).

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is in self-imposed exile on an island when he's found by a potential new apprentice — 'The Force Awakens' heroine Rey (Daisy Ridley) — in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' (Dec. 15).

A mysterious guide (Nick Jonas, left) shows Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), Moose Finbar (Kevin Hart) and Professor Shelly Oberon (Jack Black) around the wild video-game landscape of 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' (Dec. 20).

Will Smith (left) stars as a human L.A. cop and Joel Edgerton is his Orc partner in the fantasy action thriller 'Bright' (Dec. 22).

It's looking like it's going to be a solid fall and winter season for the nerds of the world. There is a wide variety of genres coming out, so there's got to be something in theaters over the next two months that will appeal to you.

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