Indiana Jones Is Now On 4K, And It Looks Gorgeous

Indiana Jones 5 is in production now, and while I won't share the set photos going around here, it is wild to see Harrison Ford in the fedora again. However, I will share pictures below of the new 4K Blu-ray set that is now in stores. Yes, finally, we can watch all three Indiana Jones films in glorious 4K. Wait..there is a fourth? I kid, I kid. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is…fine. It's fine. I had to watch it again for the first time since theaters in 2008 for this article, and there is some okay stuff in there. It is more bad than good, but it is still a better adventure film than most of the ones coming out these days.

All Four Indiana Jones Films Look Great In 4K

We were sent the new box set to take a look at, and right out of the wrapping, I was underwhelmed. These days, with the emphasis being on streaming and digital, you better have a nice product to entice buyers, especially when this is the 87th version of these films they are buying. This is not it. We have seen basic key art a billion times on the cover and some kind of boring, generic art on the opposite side. The main attraction is the films, of course, but a real letdown here.

There is also a pack-in map of key moments from the series with the one-sheet posters on the other side. It feels like a cheap pack-in for "added value," and it's not great. They missed a really good opportunity to really blow this out for fans, and well, they dropped the ball. The special features included aren't even new; they are all just carryovers from the 2012 Legacy Blu-ray set. Really, nothing new at all? At least they are on their own disc.

Thankfully, the Indiana Jones films look and sound better than they ever have. Raiders of the Lost Ark especially benefits from the UHD presentation. Textures and sharpness could not be better, and the locations are stunning to look at, especially when they are outdoors. Ditto for the sound for each film, Dolby Atmos tracks pepper across the discs and will pound even the best sound system into oblivion. I honestly have no complaints about the film discs themselves at all. These are gold standard releases that every collection should have.

But I would wait until they are released separately. Right now, the box set here is the only way to get 4K copies of these films, but we all know that will change. A digital code for the four films is also included in 4K, so streaming is covered as well. You can find this in stores now, but honestly: I would wait.

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