James Bond Producer Would Consider A Female Director

We're getting another James Bond movie and that means we get to dust off the debate about whether or not we're going to ever see a woman take on the role of Bond. We already know that such a casting jump isn't going to happen with this movie, since Daniel Craig is already confirmed to return, but the opportunity does exist that we could get a woman in the director's chair behind the camera. Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently did an interview for her new movie Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool and was asked by Screen Daily if there was a chance we could see a woman behind the camera:

James Bond Producer Would Consider A Female Director

There are a lot of women working on this production which pleases me very much. It's incredibly important to support a change in front of and behind the camera. I love working with women. It's a different vibe. We have to promote women within the industry. Women are often tasked with taking care of children and ailing parents, so it's hard for some women to sustain a career in this industry. We have to be more family-friendly, with childcare, flexible hours and job shares. At Eon, we have a lot of women doing job sharing and it's easy with technology.

A woman directing a Bond movie could be very interesting: There is a lot of the male gaze involved with that series in the characterizations of the Bond girls. Having a woman director could be make for a entirely different kind of Bond movie and one that we haven't seen before. Patty Jenkins proved with Wonder Woman this summer that being sexy and beautiful does not expressly have to equate to being objectified. A female character can be both and a Bond girl who is beautiful, sexy, and sexual without being objectified (or made into a damsel) – and that would be the closest thing we've had to and evolution in the Bond franchise in decades.

The 25th Bond movie currently has a release date of November 8, 2019. These movies have infamously long production lead-times so we should expect formally announced writer and director information soon.

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