James Gunn Admits Ronan's Plot Line In Guardians Of The Galaxy Was "Messy"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a villain problem, and it has since the first films. While it seems like they might be moving in the right direction in recent movies, a lot of the early MCU movies had forgettable villains. In a Facebook Q&A, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was asked: "Do you have a least favorite scene, or one you wish you would've done a bit different after watching both Guardians movies?" He responded:

James Gunn Admits Ronan's Plot Line In Guardians Of The Galaxy Was "Messy"

"There is some messy villain plot stuff in the first movie I'd like to deal with again. There was a committee working for Marvel at the time (now defunct) who had a lot of input, and that was primarily where it ended up. It just got a little messy."

Sounds like there were just too many people working on certain aspects of the script. The committee he's referring to is the Marvel Creative Committee, which existed to help improve the stories they worked on. Members included comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Comics publisher Dan Buckley, current Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Enterprises Joe Quesada, and Alan Fine. This all sounds good in theory, but sources say the committee tended to cause more problems than they would fix. Guardians was the last movie they worked on before they were dismantled in 2015.

As for Gunn's favorite moments from the two movies?

"My favorite part of both movies is probably the Cat Stevens montage at the end of Vol. 2. It still gets me emotionally. I also still love Drax petting Rocket in Vol. 1."

For a movie as funny as Guardians 2, it seemed to end with a lot of audience members in tears. And Drax petting Rocket at the end of the first one, when Rocket thinks Groot is dead, and his tail swings back and forth ever so slightly? Awesome.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released digitally in HD, 4K Ultra HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere on August 8th and physically on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD August 22nd.

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