James Gunn Shoots Down Rumours That Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Will Feature The Elders


There was a rumour going around today about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, sayin it would feature the Elders. The report came from SchmoesKnow, who have been on a bit of a tear with exclusives about Marvel movies over the last few days.

Well, director James Gunn has shot down those rumours on Twitter. He took to the platform to ridicule the take, saying:

It's obviously impossible to know if this destroys any other rumour coming from the outlet now*, but it certainly puts it all in doubt. Unless the director is pulling a fast one, I think we can call this one debunked.

*Just a quick note: it does seem like most of the stories about the MCU coming from the site have been deleted now, so it looks like we can't believe any of this.