Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct a Live-Action Gundam Movie for Netflix

The Gundam series is one of those animes that is often cited by many Western fans as one of the animes that got them into anime. When Legendary came out with Pacific Rim, Gundam was often cited as the series that people would compare it to. Netflix already has their hands in the Pacific Rim pie, and instead of making more of that series, they have announced that they're just going to go back to the source. According to a press release posted to the Netflix Media Center and shared on the NXOnNetflix Twitter account, Netflix is working with Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to create a live-action Gundam movie for the platform. Brian K. Vaughn is set to write the script executive producing the project with Cale Boyter overseeing on behalf of Legendary with the Sunrise creative team.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct a Live-Action Gundam Movie for Netflix
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Credit: UTA via the NetflixMedia Center

Gundam as a series has been around since 1979, and there are many interactions that Vogt-Roberts and Vaughn could draw inspiration from. Netflix, however, is keeping the story "under wraps" and isn't sharing a lot of details at this time. This is a massive project, and because of that, they aren't just limiting themselves to Netflix. Legendary will reportedly distribute the film theatrically in China. It seems that Netflix and Lengendary get along pretty well since there were rumors that Netflix tried to buy Godzilla vs. Kong, and that deal was reportedly torpedoed by the HBO Max announcement.

Legendary is off to a good start in 2021 as Godzilla vs. Kong seems to be the first box office success story since the pandemic started. Those numbers aren't massive, but the movie is doing well enough, and since Legendary reportedly financed 75% of that movie, they should get the credit for that win. As for Netflix, they are just burning through money these days, announcing all sorts of massive projects left and right. They appear to be banking on people getting used to watching movies from home and will continue to do so once the vaccine is available. We'll have to see how the box office and streaming services do through 2021 and if there is enough to sustain massive projects like Gundam.

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