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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Production Cel Up For Auction at Heritage
So it's no surprise that an anime series like Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ would attract the attention of many, many people Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas, that mainly deals with comics, video games, trading cards, and other collectible items, has put a rare production cel from the series up for auction[...]
L-R: Oscar Isaac arrives at the premiere of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker" on December 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Editorial credit: Tsuni-USA / | A shot from Metal Gear Solid 5. Credit: Sony
I think it's very Kojima, punk rock, twisty." Obviously, considering the massive dedication from Metal Gear Solid and Snake aficionados, this project will be met with a lot of intrigue from fans, but that's not all Vight-Roberts has prepared for fans. In reference to his take on the widely successful Gundam title, he shares the intensity[...]
Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct a Live-Action Gundam Movie for Netflix
The Gundam series is one of those animes that is often cited by many Western fans as one of the animes that got them into anime When Legendary came out with Pacific Rim, Gundam was often cited as the series that people would compare it to Netflix already has their hands in the Pacific Rim pie,[...]
Gundam fans will be please to see that there will be 21 Gunpla Kits coming soon to the states that were once exclusives Some of these Gundam sets will include great pieces like Deathscythe, RX-0 Unicorn, Tallgeese II, and so much more so prepare your wallet collectors These long awaited Japanese Exclusive collectibles will give[...]
"SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays" Gets A Launch Trailer
Bandai Namco has released a new update into SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, bringing with it the Dispatch Mission Set 4 You can see all of the additions this new DLC update has, as well as a trailer for it, which we have for you below The whole intent of this update is to[...]
Hello Kitty and Gundam Crossover is Here from Bandai
This year we are starting off pretty strong as Hello Kitty and Gundam come together with two new figures.  Both Gundam Chogokin RX-78-2 and Gundam Chogokin Char's Zaku II are both getting special crossover version with Hello Kitty Both figures are roughly 4 inches tall and are made up of plastic and die cast[...]
Gundam Exia Figure is Releasing Soon from Bandai
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ended nearly 10 years ago and now you can get your own Exia figure This time Bandai has created the perfect grade figure that is their first Gundam figure to be part of their GunPla Evolution 40th Anniversary This figure features a specialized metal skeleton and perfected details to give collectors[...]
"SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays" Gets A Launch Trailer
This week, Bandai Namco released a brand new launch trailer to celebrate the launch of SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays This is the crossover event to end all crossovers in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe at the moment as several characters from multiple titles collide Enjoy the trailer as you can pick up the[...]
"SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays" Headed West Next Month
Bandai Namco announced this week that their next Gundam game, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, is headed west in November The game will be coming out as a digital download in both North America and Europe for PC and PS4 on November 28th, 2019 To mark the occasion, the company released a brand new[...]
Gundam Perfect Strike Scale Model Kit Coming Soon from Bandai
Gundam has a huge fan base There's not a time where I don't go into a comic book store or collectible shop and not see a Gundam section They are always unique and showcase some of the coolest Gundam's from the vast variety of shows or games The newest addition from Bandai Hobby Gunpla is[...]
New York Toy Fair: 60 Pics From the Tamashii Nations Booth!
With new Gundam, S.H Figuarts, Monster Arts Godzilla, and tons and tons of anime related product, it is non-stop eyeballs in that booth Luckily, we got to snap a ton of pics to show you guys and gals So let's take a look! All of the various Figuarts offerings were some of the most popular areas,[...]
Bandai Namco Announce SD Gundam G Generation Cross Raise
Last week we told you that Bandai Namco was going to do a special reveal for what would be a new Gundam game, and they didn't disappoint The company released a proper reveal trailer for the rather lengthy titled game SD Gundam G Generation Cross Raise The trailer was taken down for some reason on YouTube[...]
Bandai Namco Will Announce a New Gundam Game in Two Weeks
Some good news for Gundam fans as word came out in Japan that Bandai Namco has a new game announcement coming on January 22nd The news came from Famitsu, who didn't give out a ton of details to what it could be, just that there was a major announcement coming in less than two weeks[...]
Check out 150+ Pics From the Bluefin, Bandai, and Storm Collectibles Booths at SDCC
DC Comics characters Lobo and Darkseid from Injustice are coming, and plenty of Street Fighter's cast was represented. Finally, at the Bluefin booth, a plethora of Gundam figures were on display A sweet Naruto figure was next to some new Transformers figures The Power Rangers Zords, Voltron, and their ever popular Star Wars model kits were[...]