Joss Whedon Congratulates Russos on Infinity War Success; but Is it Courtesy, or Collusion?!

Alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon took to Twitter Monday to congratulate Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of the smash hit Marvel Studios film Avengers: Infinity War, which broke the all-time record for both domestic and worldwide box office openings last weekend. Whedon directed the first Avengers film, as well as its sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, so he took some credit as the "grampa" of the franchise.

"Congratulations to the Russo Brothers on #infintywar's well-deserved bonkers opening wknd," Whedon tweeted. "And to the other Russo brothers, Christopher Marcus & Stephen McFeely. Heavy load, wonderfully light touch. I'm a proud grampa."

But is Whedon's tweet actually an indication of a deep state conspiracy to torture hardcore fans of the rival DC Extended Universe, a group known colloquially as Snyderbronies? There's literally no evidence to suggest that's the case, which only serves to convince us all the more that it must be true!

After leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Whedon took over Justice League from Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman director Zack Snyder, who had to leave the film due to a personal tragedy. Whedon and Warner Bros. Studios vowed to stay true to Zack Snyder's Vision, but it soon became clear that Whedon was little more than a hitman, contracted by Warner Bros. to assassinate the soul of Zack Snyder's Vision and replace all his cool scenes of Superman brooding with scenes where Cyborg says "booyah." As a result, Justice League failed at the box office, earning the least money of any DCEU film, and leaving Aquaman — freaking Aquaman! — as the last hope to save the franchise.

Following this insult, Snyderbronies organized to demand that Warner Bros. restore Zack Snyder's Vision and release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. They created petitions, built websites, and even staged a historic march on the city of Burbank to demand the Snyder Cut's release, all to no avail. Despite support from major politicians like the DC-loving mayor of Long Beach, California, the Snyder Cut remains locked in Warner Bros.' vault.

With the future of the DCEU uncertain thanks Whedon's reshoots, you would think he wouldn't be so quick to cheer the DCEU's biggest rivals, as if he were genuinely proud of his former colleagues' success, humbly and politely congratulating them for their accomplishments. The only reasonable scenario, then, is that Whedon ruined Justice League on purpose to set the stage for Marvel's triumph. It's Occam's Razor (a mystical blade wielded by Darkseid believed to be the focus of Snyder's plans for Justice League 2).

And it looks like he'll get away with it… unless Warner Bros. comes to their senses and releases the Snyder Cut before it's too late.

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