There Could Be Some Life Left in the Dark Universe

The last we heard about the Dark Universe, the Bride of Frankenstein was put on hold and Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan were exiting the franchise. That was at the end of last year, and everyone has been assuming that the Dark Universe is done. After The Mummy critically bombed and only did okay at the box office, Universal Pictures didn't seem too keen to greenlight more movies. The only time the Dark Universe has come up in recent months was as an example of how some cinematic universes fail right out of the gate. (It should be noted that the Dark Universe has actually failed twice, since Dracula Untold was supposed to kick everything off and then didn't).

But it looks like the gears might be turning still, according to this Instagram post. Universal Monsters Universe found the post by Los Angeles artist Robert Vargas posted about a meeting he has with "the amazing #DarkUniverse team". That team includes concept designer for The Mummy Crash McCreery and producer and assistant to Angelina Jolie, Holly Goline.

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The thing that makes the meeting between these three interesting is that Jolie has been linked to the Bride of Frankenstein, though she was never formally cast in the production. Is Universal trying to save this cinematic universe despite how badly it crashed and burned right out of the gate? We'll have to see if anything gets off of the ground, and if all of the monsters that were already cast (Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp) and director Bill Condon (who was originally linked to the project) will be around by the ball gets rolling. This is the first we've seen anyone talking about these movies in half a year, so anything is possible.

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