Loki Executive Producer Will Write Kevin Feige's Star Wars Movie

It may seem like a century ago, but back in September of 2019, Lucasfilm announced that Marvel Mega Boss Kevin Feige would produce his own Star Wars movie. As the months [or decades depending on how you look at 2020], have gone by to announce more projects since then, while others remain in a weird sense of limbo. We did get some sort of update from Lucasfilm about the movie side of Star Wars in a post The Rise of Skywalker era. However, it was merely that Taika Waititi was still working on his Star Wars movie and that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins would direct a Rogue Squadron movie. Now, we have some more updates for the Feige Star Wars movie. According to DeadlineMichael Waldron has been signed on to write the Feige lead Star Wars project as part of his multipart deal with Disney.

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The source goes on to say that the type of deal that Waldron is getting is rare since this isn't the only project at Disney he's involved in. The House of Mouse does like to hire from within and move people around on projects, the two Star Wars projects we're talking about here helmed by people involved with Marvel, but Waldron isn't a high profile director or producer. He is the executive producer of Loki, a season two announcement is buried in this report, and he is also the writer behind the recently put on hiatus due to COVID Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of MadnessHe's an Emmy award-winning writer, and while that is extremely impressive, that isn't the type of thing that would usually get someone a deal like this.

There currently isn't any other information about the Feige-produced Star Wars movie, and while this is a step in the right direction, this release date is years away. The next Star Wars release date after Rogue Squadron is in 2025, and if I was a betting woman, I would say that the release date is probably going to Waititi. Unless Disney adds more Star Wars release dates to the calendar, which they could, this one is still a long way away.

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