Medusa, The Cure All For Supergirl Open Plot Threads

This article will contain spoilers for the Supergirl episode – Medusa







Last week it seemed like we were going to be set up for quite a few storylines that would carry us into the second half of the season. Cyborg Superman had gotten into the Fortress of Solitude and retrieved something called Medusa for CADMUS. J'onn J'onzz was infected by White Martian blood, and we know something was going to get Mon-El really sick and he had just been shot with a lead bullet. All of that plus the crossover and Kevin Smith were coming. Things were going to be getting very interesting.

Then there was tonight's episode. Let me start by saying it was a good episode. It felt like there were actual consequences. People / Aliens would be getting hurt and we might be losing a character. There was also the set up for a character to go to the dark side. And we started with a Thanksgiving scene where everyone wanted to admit something, but thanks to Cisco Ramon, no one got a chance. The episode had a couple moments when a portal would open then close, changing what was going on in a scene.

But to break it down. CADMUS weaponized a Kryptonian virus called Medusa that would kill all aliens except for Kryptonians… and I'm guessing humans. They tested it out on everyone's favorite alien watering hole thanks to the real Hank Henshaw. Mon-El noticed him and followed him outside where they fought and the Daxamite lost. But it kept him out of the bar long enough that he didn't die, only got really sick and was slowly dying.

We get a look into the dysfunctional relationship between Lena Luthor and her mother Lillian. We see a growing relationship between Mon-El and Kara and we get to see Alex Danvers becoming more used to her new normal after coming out to her sister and later to her mother. And Kara has to deal with the fact that the virus was created by her father Zor-El.

And then it became all about the action as Henshaw tries to invade L Corp to obtain a particular element that only they have and is needed to weaponize all of the Medusa virus. Supergirl stops Henshaw thanks to the distraction of one of Cisco's portals and even saves Lena in the process. But when Supergirl goes to ask for Lena's help finding her mother and telling her that Lillian leads CADMUS, Lena doesn't believe her and tells her to leave. She then later calls her mother and offers her the element she needs, wanting to help her rid the world of aliens. This didn't seem right to me at the time… and it wasn't.

Wynn Schott was able to track the element once it left L Corp and they found it down by the Harbor where CADMUS had it put into a missile that they were about to launch. Lillian lets Lena do the honors but Supergirl and Martian Manhunter arrive just before hand… but Lena launches it anyway. Supergirl goes after the missile while J'onn has to fight Cyborg Superman…. or David Harewood vs David Harewood… J'onn transformers into a White Martian and Henshaw seems actually scared by that.

Supergirl is almost at the missile when Lillian makes it explode, raining the virus down on National City. Supergirl turns back just in time to help J'onn take out Henshaw. Supergirl tells him he may be a cyborg, but he is no Superman. J'onn then reverts to his human form and waits for the virus to kill him. It doesn't. Lena Luthor had made the element inert, meaning the virus did nothing. And she called the cops and had Lillian arrested. So there may be a good Luthor after all. It's a Thanksgiving Miracle.

Back at the lab, Eliza Danvers was able to make an antidote for the virus, saving Mon-El. She was also able to weaponize the virus to specifically attack White Martian cells, saving J'onn J'onzz. This one seemed like a convenient solution for something I expected to be going over several episodes. So everyone is fine, and Maggie, who got shot during Henshaw's attack on L Corp, shows up at Alex's apartment with pizza, beer and a kiss. So there is a happy ending all around.

Unless you count the alien ship trying to find Mon-El and they're willing to destroy any planet that gets in their way… or Barry Allen and Cisco standing in Kara's apartment at the end asking for her help. But other than that, everyone is good.

The Barry, Cisco and Kara part continues tomorrow night in The Flash. And then next week there is the midseason finale directed by Kevin Smith.  The series returns in January with the Kevin Smith episode.

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