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George A. Romero and the Invention of the Zombie as We Know It
Alex Garland and Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later would not exist without Romero's films, nor Shaun of the Dead. Entire decades' worth of cheesy Italian zombie movies and the current crop of Asian zombie movies and TV series would not exist without Romero The Resident Evil games would not exist without Romero, and the makers would be[...]
Katie needs answers from Forest on Devs, courtesy of FX.
Devs ended its run this week, with Alex Garland's 8-part novel for television proving a dystopian take on too-powerful tech companies and their god complex Sonoya Mizuno plays Lily, a programmer working for a tech company called Amaya When her boyfriend and fellow programmer Sergei dies mysteriously, she suspects the CEO Forest (Nick Offerman) had[...]
It was during FX Networks' Television Critics Association (TCA) summer 2018 press event that CEO John Landgraf announced the cable network had upped award-winning writer/director Alex Garland's (Annihilation, Ex Machina) Devs from pilot to limited series order Produced by FX Productions, Garland executive produces the series with DNA TV's Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich, Eli Bush, and Scott[...]
Devs: FX Orders Alex Garland Tech Thriller Limited Series with Sonoya Mizuno, Nick Offerman
Credit: FX FX's Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press event wasn't just about returning series like American Horror Story and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with FX Networks and FX Produtions CEO John Landgraf announcing that the cable network has upped award-winning writer/director Alex Garland's (Annihilation, Ex Machina) Devs from pilot to limited series order[...]
FX Puts in Pilot Order For Alex Garland's 'Devs' Series
Maybe I'm slightly biased because of how much I LOVED Ex Machina, but I'll see anything Alex Garland makes.  Annihilation was pretty great, minus the final 10 minutes, and Karl Urban has now gone on record to say that Alex "directed Dredd" (which was AMAZING), so that puts more positive tally marks in Garland's collum. It appears his next project will be[...]
Annihilation, The New Movie From Ex Machina's Director, Gets A 2018 Release Date
If the answer is "yes" then you already know why director Alex Garland's next movie getting a release date is a good thing According to Variety his new picture has just snagged Pacific Rim: Uprising's old release date of February 23, 2018. The film, based on Jeff VanderMeer's novel, is directed by Alex Garland from his[...]
Judge Death Was Meant To Be In The Original Dredd Movie But Fox Turned It Down
Screenwriter, and then caretaker director on the first film Alex Garland apparently had a very different take early on for the film According to franchise co-creator John Wagner, speaking to ScreenGeek, an early draft by Garland featured Judge Death He said: That was actually the first script that Alex Garland did was a Judge Death script but[...]
SDCC '15: 2000AD's Carlos Ezquerra, Andy Diggle And Jock Talk Shop About Judge Dredd
Jock added that he has a portfolio of Ava from Ex-Machina that he worked on with Alex Garland available for purchase at the 2000AD (Booth 2806) He also mentioned that he was currently working with Garland on Adaptation of Annihilation, based on Jeff VanderMeer's novel, Annihilation. The UK comics company 2000AD is significant to the comics[...]
Ex Machina: Serious Drama + Serious Humor = Seriously Ominous
And so we arrive at director Alex Garland's Ex Machina. Getting a good sci-fi movie nowadays can be tricky; especially since superhero films are taking over the genre Ex Machina, while it might have a flaw or two, approaches the subject of artificial intelligence in a way true to the roots of the stories that have[...]
PCH @ The Movies – Ex Machina With Alex Garland!
By Chris Thompson [audio:] Following on from my last film-based podcast with Bill Plympton to discuss his new animated feature Cheatin' (which you can still listen to here), this time I'm back with writer/director Alex Garland to talk about his recent sci-fi thriller Ex Machina which is in cinemas now. Alex & I discuss the many stages his[...]
Ex Machina Trailer Released On-Line (UPDATE)
Ex Machina is the directorial debut of Alex Garland (Dredd) and stars Domnhall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander The film focuses on the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence as a young programmer is put into an experiment by evaluating the human traits of an A.I female. Ex Machina hits US theaters April 10. Here's the US[...]
If We Do Get A Dredd Sequel, This May Be The Source Material
Dredd ends up leading a small group into the Cursed Earth to retrieve the body and tells the story through flashbacks of how the Judges of Mega-City One rose to power. There had been reports that Lionsgate and screenwriter Alex Garland had been talking about a sequel earlier this year Assuming Urban isn't just pulling things[...]
ECCC '14: Dredd 2 Next On Alex Garland's Books?
By one of our West Coast corespondents Gavin Lees: This year's Emerald City Comicon featured a number of film screenings at Seattle's historic Cinerama, with some of the stars in attendance.  Saturday night's main event was Dredd 3D, with star Karl Urban, production designer Jock, and 2000AD's Arthur Wyatt, who is currently working on Underbelly, a[...]