Michael Fassbender Sits At Piano In New Alien: Covenant But Which Michael Fassbender?

We have to assume all these photos of Alien: Covenant that have been landing over the last few days are leading up to the rumoured trailer, but it's unclear when that will be. The weekend is the word on the street, but that is fairly vague.

This new picture sure is interesting though. It shows Michael Fassbender at a piano with the caption '————'. This is a reference to all the numbers accompanying the other photos recently released, which are believed to be dates.

Perhaps most interestingly though is while many might think this is David from Prometheus, this is actually more likely Walter, the other android Fassbender is playing in the movie. Not only are his clothes differemt (and he has a body now), but he is no longer blonde. We will have to see though.

Take a look: