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Ridley Scott Can't Stop Teasing Us About Another Alien Movie
There were talks for Newt becoming the next protagonist, and this bringing propper closure to Ridley's history in the world of Alien – however, that idea has since been squashed after the box office disappointment behind Alien: Covenant. Alien Covenant Credit Fox Despite that massive halting factor – just because we're not going to receive Blomkamp's story[...]
Colin Trevorrow attends the Focus Features presentation at Caesars Palace during CinemaCon on March 29, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
He previously worked on Alien: Covenant, the first draft of Edge of Tomorrow, and Gareth Edwards upcoming film Forever Apparently, Colin Trevorrow had the idea for the film back in 2018 but kept it close to his vest to give his FX buddies some time to do some development on the world of the film[...]
Ridley Scott Can't Stop Teasing Us About Another Alien Movie
Last time out in Alien: Covenant, we got to see the first Xenomorphs created by android psychopath David (Michael Fassbender), and it ended with him flying away on a ship, eggs in tow Unfortunately, the film didn't exactly do gangbusters at the box office That hasn't stopped Scott from trying to get a third Alien[...]
Guy Pearce On Being in the Alien Franchise: Cool Besides the Make-Up
While that first film was not as connected to the original films as some had wanted, the sequel Alien: Covenant was Guy Pearce returned briefly in that film as well, but not with as much prosthetics and such since he was playing the younger version of the character As he told GQ, there was a[...]
William Gibson’s Alien III: The Path from Screenplay to Audio Play
Gibson's ideas were recycled and used in the Joss Whedon-scripted Alien: Resurrection and Ridley Scott's recent prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Last year, Fox granted permission for Gibson's screenplay to be adapted into a Dark Horse comic and for Audible to make into an audio play Producer-director Dirk Maggs has been producing audio drama adaptations from comics[...]
'Pet Sematary' Directors Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch Break Ground on Filming
Widmyer Just when you thought it was safe to deal with mangy cats and small children with scalpels, Director Dennis Widmyer took to social media on Monday to tweet that he and co-director Kevin Kolsch have officially started filming their adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel Pet Sematary. Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Vahradian, and Steven[...]
Ridley Scott Says the New Alien Movies Will Have Fewer Aliens
Were you watching Alien: Covenant, a movie with the word "alien" in it, and thinking to yourself, "There are too many aliens in this?" It turns out that director Ridley Scott seems to think that there were people who thought that was the case Entertainment Weekly was on the set of the reshoots for All[...]
"Alien: Covenant" Blu Ray Has Pretty Great Special Features
If you are a fan of special features and documentaries on your blu rays, may we suggest Alien: Covenant for your next purchase?  Sure, while the film didn't do so hot in theaters, the blu ray sort of picks up that slack. "What we've tried to do here, is really really scare the shit out of people," Sir[...]
James Cameron Says Alien: Covenant Was Great, I Agree About 33%
He is also friends with Ridley Scott, director of Alien, Prometheus, and this summers Alien: Covenant So, in a recent Facebook live interview, some people will take what he had to say about the latter film on that list with a grain of salt: "I thought that Alien: Covenant was a great ride It was beautiful[...]
Alien: Covenant Blu-Ray Bursts Forth In August, Steelbook At Best Buy
While I enjoyed Alien: Covenant more than most, the general consensus is that it was not a very good film I think most peoples problem with it was that it was marketed as an Alien film and was Prometheus 2 That being said, I liked Prometheus as well so I am probably a little biased[...]