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Cover image for ALIEN #5
In this preview of Alien #5, Cruz catches a glimpse of the Alpha xenomorph, which begs the question: are there also beta xenomorphs? What about Xenomorph cucks? If there are alpha and beta xenomorphs, it only makes sense that there are xenomorph cucks, right? It's just science Very sexy science What other surprises await readers[...]
NECA's Final Wave Of Alien 40th Anniversary Figures Is Hitting Stores
NECA has been releasing a few waves of Alien figures this past year or so in celebration of last year's 40th anniversary of the film All of them have been great, and it has been awesome to be able to complete the Nostromo crew in my figure display The final wave is hitting stores now,[...]
Back in September 2020, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley discussed the pitch he made FX Networks for an Alien miniseries and it apparently worked because, by the end of that year, the deal was done Now we're learning more from Hawley about the upcoming series in an interview with Vanity Fair to promote his new novel Anthem,[...]
Mezco Toyz Releases Deluxe Xenomorph Designer Series Alien Figure
Coming straight out of the hit sci-fi classic, Alien, this deadly extraterrestrial is back and is loaded with remarkable detail and accessories Standing 7" tall, the Xenomorph will feature a hinged jaw, pop-out pharyngeal jaw, and a posable tail Mezco has even loaded with figure il accessories alright from the Alien films with an Ovomorph[...]
Ridley Scott Can't Stop Teasing Us About Another Alien Movie
It feels like a cinematic tragedy to know there was solid potential behind Neill Blomkamp's Aliens sequel, but at least we'll always have details! Alien Covenant Credit Fox When we first learned about Blomkamp's ideas for an Alien 5 film, it became known that this would essentially retcon all films beyond the first two (Alien and Aliens)[...]
Cover image for ALIEN #4
Alien #4 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, as Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, and the Xenomorph toy line from NECA used in most of the comic's tracing continue to leave their mark on the long-running franchise Things are looking grim for Gabe and his crew as the preview opens with a Xenomorph[...]
Why FX's Alien TV Series is Director M.J. Bassett's Dream Project
Promoting her latest film Endangered Species for Lionsgate, I spoke to the writer and director about comparing film and television, and why the FX TV series Alien, based on the film franchise, is her dream project "It's night and day in terms of the difference in how I approach [film and TV], Bassett explained "When[...]
Marvel PrintWatch: Way Of X, Alien, Carnage Gets Second Prints
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics has sent Way Of X #1, Alien #2 and Carnage: Red, White And Blood #2 back to the printers for a second printing All will be available in comic book stores on the 2nd of June – no covers yet (updated with one) but we have a few from previous Marvel PrintWatch. Marvel[...]
Giveaway Win A Free Copy Of Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo
Would you like to win a set of the Ravensburger board game Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo? All you need is a Twitter account The company will be releasing the game later this summer as you will play as the fated crew of the ship from the original film and try to keep the alien[...]
Happy Alien Day! Super7 Reveals New Xenomorphs, Hudson ReAction
Happy Alien Day everyone A horror holiday that everyone can appreciate, Super7 is celebrating by revealing a new wave of Xenomorphs and a special variant of their Hudson figure The latter will feature a cardback baring his iconic line "Game Over Man, Game Over!" The figure features a new screaming head as well, and it[...]
New Hiya Toys Alien Figures Arrive With Xenomorph and Ripley
Hiya Toys is back with more 1/18 scale figures for their continuously growing Alien figure line Two new figures have arrived coming from two different films from the Alien franchise with the original 1979 film and the unpopular film, Alien Resurrection Up first is another Nostromo Space Suit release with Ellen Ripley She is highly[...]
Advance Reorders
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And courtesy of stats from Diamond Comic Distributors. Alien and Aliens top the Advance Reorders lists, with Omnibus and Alien #2 throughout, which must make[...]
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics' Alien #1 Sold 300,000, Gets Second Printing
PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is sending Alien #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larocca for a second printing, with the news that Diamond Comics Distributor has sold out of the print run, over 300,000 copies Which puts it well ahead of anything else published in comic book stores in March – aside from Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR[...]
Alien Invades Hiya Toys Once Again With New 1/18 Figures
Hiya Toys continues to impress fans as they announce more amazing 1/18 scale figures from Alien and Aliens Two new figures were revealed, this time with a new crew member of the USCSS Nostromo Dallas He is sport his iconic Nostromo space suit and will include some accessories with a lantern, pistol, and vine a[...]
Marvel Comics June 2021 Solicitations And Solicits
We also get a look for what Marvel is planning with their Alien comic book as well. PREDATOR #1 ED BRISSON (W) • KEV WALKER (A) Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU Variant Cover by RYAN BROWN Variant Cover by PHILIP TAN Variant Cover by RAHZZAH Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO LAUNCH VARIANT COVER BY DAVID FINCH PREMIERE VARIANT COVER BY LEINIL FRANCIS YU VARIANT COVER[...]